What is matcha?

Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea beverage derived from green tea leaves that have been lightly steamed, dried, and stone ground into a fine powder. Because the entire green tea leaf is being ingested, matcha provides the body with lots of antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that can't be received from drinking herbal green tea.

Matcha also has half the amount of caffeine found in coffee, and due to a rare amino acid found in matcha called l-theanine, matcha is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream for a focusing, calming affect that lasts throughout the day.

What are the different type / grades of matcha?

At Whimsy Matcha™, we use ceremonial-grade matcha, which is the highest grade of matcha that can be found. Unlike its lower grade counterpart called culinary-grade, ceremonial-grade is higher in nutrients, bolder in flavor, and silky in texture.

Ceremonial-grade is often accompanied with a clean, smooth, umami flavor profile & has a sweet finish on the palette.

What ways can I use matcha?

Matcha can be enjoyed traditionally as a beverage by blending / whisking it in hot water, made into a matcha latte, added to smoothies for a boost of health & energy, used in baked goods, and even made into things like face masks! As you can see, matcha is so versatile, and it only has positive benefits to the body.  

Where does matcha come from?

Matcha is found primarily in Japan. Whimsy Matcha™ is grown and harvested in Nishio Japan – the oldest matcha region dating almost 150 years back.

The two primary matcha regions of Japan are Nishio and Uji.

I want to stock my shop with / use Whimsy Matcha™ in my store. Is your matcha available for wholesale?

Yes! We'd love to learn more about your business. Please email one of the following contacts to discuss setting up a wholesale account:

Victoria McAbee

Jasmine Lee