Vibrant green, silky-textured, and bold-flavored all describe the most tasty, ceremonial-grade matcha you've ever tasted. Our product is rad AF, but how we got started is even cooler.

Whimsy Matcha™ is a female owned & operated company created by Jasmine Lee and Victoria McAbee. We founded Whimsy Matcha™ after opening our matcha and coffee truck Whimsy™ in late-2018. Our entire mission was to provide a coffee shop alternative that offers beverages that align with a healthy lifestyle.

After turning many coffee drinkers into matcha drinkers, we sought after a delicious, custom blend that we could call our own. Alas, Whimsy Matcha™ was born!

Our custom ceremonial-grade matcha blend is now available at the Whimsy™ truck, online, and in the locations of various retailers across the U.S.


Why Whimsy Matcha™?

Unlike most other blends of matcha found in groceries stores & health shops, Whimsy Matcha™ is ceremonial-grade. We believe in providing the highest grade of matcha available for the sake of enjoyment & overall wellness.

Our creamy, vibrant blend of matcha is organic, vegan, gluten-free, and pure. No bad stuff added, just matcha.

We package our products in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging, but we never compromise design. We want our products to be so beautiful, you'll want to decorate your bedside table with them & even share them with friends!